Sea Lions Rookery

Captain's Log - 05/12/2019

Today was our first tour to Columbia Glacier of the 2019 season. We were happy to have many Valdez Mom’s on board to celebrate Mother’s Day with us.

The Ocra that were spotted members of the Gulf of Alaska Transient Pod. AT102 as well as 5 others. Members of this particular pod are less seen in Valdez Arm so it was a true treat.

Animals Seen Today

Arctic TernArctic TernSterna paradisaea

Bald EagleBald EagleHaliaeetus levcocephalus

CormorantsCormorantsPhalacrocoracidae family

Dall's PorpoisesDall's PorpoisesPhocoenoides dalli

Mountain GoatsMountain GoatsOreamnos americanus

Orcas/Killer WhalesOrcas/Killer WhalesOrcinus orca

OystercatcherOystercatcherHaematopus bachmani

Pigeon GuillemotPigeon GuillemotCepphus columba

Sea OttersSea OttersEnhydra lutris

Steller Sea LionsSteller Sea LionsEumetopias jubatus

Surf ScoterSurf ScoterMelanitta perspicillata