Worthington Glacier

Captain's Log

Every day our Captains keep a log of sightings on the various tours. These are compiled and kept online along with more descriptive information about each potential wildllife or birdlife sighting.


First day of the season! Complete with sunshine and great guests.

Animals Seen Today

Arctic TernArctic TernSterna paradisaea

Bald EagleBald EagleHaliaeetus levcocephalus

Black BearBlack BearUrsus Americanus

Black-Legged KittiwakesBlack-Legged KittiwakesRissa tridactyla

CormorantsCormorantsPhalacrocoracidae family

Dall's PorpoisesDall's PorpoisesPhocoenoides dalli

Harbor SealsHarbor SealsPhoca vitulina

Humpback WhalesHumpback WhalesMegaptera novaeangliae

LoonLoonGaviidae family

Pigeon GuillemotPigeon GuillemotCepphus columba

Sea OttersSea OttersEnhydra lutris

Steller Sea LionsSteller Sea LionsEumetopias jubatus