Glacier Spirit boat in front of glacer

Captain's Log - 9/16/2018

Today was our last day of the summer season for 2018.  Thank you all for traveling and we look forward to May 12 of 2019 for our first tour!!

Animals Seen Today

Bald EagleBald EagleHaliaeetus levcocephalus

Black-Legged KittiwakesBlack-Legged KittiwakesRissa tridactyla

CormorantsCormorantsPhalacrocoracidae family

Harbor SealsHarbor SealsPhoca vitulina

Humpback WhalesHumpback WhalesMegaptera novaeangliae

Sea OttersSea OttersEnhydra lutris

Steller Sea LionsSteller Sea LionsEumetopias jubatus

Surf ScoterSurf ScoterMelanitta perspicillata