Kayakers enjoying Prince William Sound.

Captain's Log - 5/21/2018

One of the advantages of spring tours is we see a little more land based wildlife because there is still lower snow on the mountains.  Today we were able to view Sitka Black-tailed Deer.


Animals Seen Today

Arctic TernArctic TernSterna paradisaea

Bald EagleBald EagleHaliaeetus levcocephalus

Black-Legged KittiwakesBlack-Legged KittiwakesRissa tridactyla

Dall's PorpoisesDall's PorpoisesPhocoenoides dalli

Harbor SealsHarbor SealsPhoca vitulina

LoonLoonGaviidae family

Pigeon GuillemotPigeon GuillemotCepphus columba

Sea OttersSea OttersEnhydra lutris

Steller Sea LionsSteller Sea LionsEumetopias jubatus