Valdez Spirit in Prince William Sound

Captain's Log - 05/13/2019

Today we operated two tours to Columbia Glacier. Each tour had the opportunity to view members of the AB Orca pod as they fed and traveled. One of the younger animals actively breaching and playing as well. In addition we had a chance to view Humpback Whales feeding in Valdez Arm and Port Valdez.

Animals Seen Today

Arctic TernArctic TernSterna paradisaea

Bald EagleBald EagleHaliaeetus levcocephalus

Black-Legged KittiwakesBlack-Legged KittiwakesRissa tridactyla

Dall's PorpoisesDall's PorpoisesPhocoenoides dalli

Harbor SealsHarbor SealsPhoca vitulina

Humpback WhalesHumpback WhalesMegaptera novaeangliae

LoonLoonGaviidae family

Mountain GoatsMountain GoatsOreamnos americanus

Orcas/Killer WhalesOrcas/Killer WhalesOrcinus orca

OystercatcherOystercatcherHaematopus bachmani

Pigeon GuillemotPigeon GuillemotCepphus columba

Sea OttersSea OttersEnhydra lutris

Steller Sea LionsSteller Sea LionsEumetopias jubatus

Surf ScoterSurf ScoterMelanitta perspicillata